portable Sanitoa dry toilet in white or granite

This portable, Sanitoa portable  dry toilet in white or in granite.

Collects everything in 1 bucket! Only needs little to be emptied, approx. 1x in 1-2 weeks, depending on the number of users. A bucket and a lid are included, making it easy to change. Digestible bag out and new in it.

No Chemicals, no water, no sewage needed.

This is a relatively high toilet, almost 10cm higher than normal.

Please indicate which type you want: White or granite



Height. 53.2 cm (!)

Length 51.4 cm.

Width. 45 cm

Material. Recycable polyethylene

Max load. 150 kg

Waste container. 35 liters.

Full container approx 25 kg.



portable Sanitoa  dry toilet, in granite gray

This portable Sanitoa dry toilet is not urine-separating, works without water, without ventilation. Needs little maintenance, just add wood shavings regularly.

Has 1x 35 L bucket included, does not have to empty often, depending on the number of users.

Format: L51 x W45 x H 53cm like the well-known ordinary toilet, this portable toilet has a wide base, is stable! This has the great advantage that no large waste water tank, clean water tank or chemical liquid is required.

Possibly a bit more privacy in your own toilet, completely light, quickly set up.


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