Dry toilet Villa 9020, with shelter under the floor

The Separett VILLA toilet model 9020 is supplied complete with all necessary accessories for installation. 2m hose, connectors, brackets, plugs, screws, 2 buckets and lid and connectors. Complete.



This dry toilet Villa 9020  does NOT have the toilet bucket in the toilet, but underneath! In a manner of speaking in the basement, or under the chassis, there is a 50 L dry bucket that collects everything and then has to be emptied 1-2x a year, for holiday use! Also separating urine.

The size and execution is exactly the same as the luxury Villa. only then there is no bucket in it but a tube, everything down.

For the rest, the valve is protected in the same way with 2 clamps, has a 12V fan in 2 ventilation positions.

Urinary separation is still applicable here and can simply be collected and used separately. Or be collected via the sink drain.

Installation in the toilet room or bathroom is a piece of cake.

If the connection hole is made in the floor, the toilet can be set up in no time and with the corresponding power plug, pleasant ventilation is immediately ensured. Place the large bucket below pipe and hop, the toilet can be used.


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