Dry toilet Privy 501 Separett (Complete!)

The dry toilet Privy 501 separett complete consists of sturdy white glasses with lid, then the special urine separating element underneath, with accompanying hose. Only at Ecosave, Extras; 2 buckets with lid, 10x biodegradable bags, 12V fan and 12 / 230V inverter



The Dry Toilet Privy 501 separett Complete;

This is the complete 501 dry toilet kit, with all kinds of extras, only available through Ecosave;

2 special buckets with lid, 2m flexible hose, 10 biodegradable bags, a 12v fan (for battery or solar panel) and a small adapter / inverter for 230V.

The small fan consumes very little power, about 3w per hour, which ventilation ensures that all the odors are extracted in the toilet and the contents are dried.

This keeps the toilet fresh and the content dries.


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