Separett Dry toilet Luxury Villa 9010

The separett dry toilet luxury villa 9010 is a modern, waterless, urine separating system. Can be placed at any location. Does not need to be emptied often, about once every 1-2 months, depending on the number of users.
This toilet is equipped with every luxury. These are things like a valve that doesn’t slide open until you take a seat on the toilet.
This toilet is also equipped with a fan that ensures that no foul odors can escape from the toilet and also ensures that the toilet remains moisture-free. In short, this is an all-inclusive system for a very favorable price! 1 year FREE bio bags (10 pieces) with the purchase of a villa dry toilet! .

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The Separett Dry toilet Luxury Villa 9010,

can be put anywhere. At home, in the attic, on the boat, camper or holiday home, anywhere possible. Separates Urine from Feces and Paper and does not need to be emptied often, 1x per month, depending on the number of users. And that is much less compared to a ‘chemical toilet’ that you have to empty almost every other day.

These toilets have been developed since 1975 and continue to be renewed, nothing ‘new’ under the sun 🙂 and come with a 5 YEAR Warranty!

It’s simple,

After installing and connecting the Villa dry toilet in approx. 45 minutes, you can already use it.

If you open the toilet lid, you don’t see or smell anything! The blue valve in the toilet is closed.

When you sit down, the valve opens immediately and you can take it easy.

A small fan, in the toilet, immediately sucks out all the odors and dries the contents at the same time.

As soon as you get up, the blue cover closes immediately, you cannot see or smell anything. (Tested as best!).

The Villa dry toilet model 9010, is ideal for 1 to 4 people, in daily use.

The Villa 9020 model is larger in capacity and suitable for more intensive use and 4-10 people. But with this model, the shelter is not in the toilet, but under the floor!

Also possible in a Tiny House, the new living trend. You do not have to empty Villa model 9020 often, 1x in approx. 2 months! Depending on the number of people.

This Separett Dry toilet Luxury Villa 9010 comes with the following


  • 2m urine drain hose,
  • 3 buckets and lids,
  • 10 bags,
  • 12V adapter,
  • white ventilation tube and connectors,
  • glue. screws, plugs and … Allen key to fasten it.


With 2 toilets or more: attractive discounts.

Ask for this by email or call us!

Technical information:

  • Conversion: Recyclable polyethylene.
  • Container: HD and MD Polyethylene, 3 pcs.
  • Ventilation: Type 9010 12v / 230v transformer 2.5W and 210mA or only 0.045kWh / 24 hours. Less than a CFL!
  • Energy: Type 9010 0.045 kWh / 24 hours, very economical.
  • Dimensions: 67 L x 45.6 W x 44.4 H.
  • Included: FREE 3 buckets and 2 lids included, adapter and battery, flexible hose, brackets, plugs etc. connections and parts for installation.


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