Dry toilet Cabin / Weekend granite

This Dry toilet Cabin / Weekend granite

is urine-separating. Works without water, without chemicals, is odorless and fresh thanks to its own built-in fan.

1 year FREE bio bags with the purchase of a Cabin dry toilet!

Demo video: Dry toilet Cabin / Weekend granite

This is a relatively high toilet, almost 10cm higher than a normal toilet. Dimensions H53.2 cm W45cm L 51cm



Is mainly used in campers and boats.

Size L51 x W45 x H53cm like the well-known flush toilet, this Cabin dry toilet has a wide base that offers stability. It is a dry toilet, the big advantage, no large waste water tank, no clean water tank or chemical liquid required.

Thanks to built-in 12V fan, odorless and drying. Can also be connected to 220 Volt by means of an adapter.

The Cabin weekend gives you 2 urine drainage options.

Separated urine collection with separate small 5L urine tank, so that only once a week something is emptied with the contents of the tank. For sale in the webshop.

Collective collection with the addition of gel powder (110 grams of gel powder is sufficient for 3 liters of liquid). As a result, liquid is partly bound and the bucket must be replaced more often depending on use.

Two buckets and two lids are included for easy change, digestible bag out and new bag in.


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