Cindi basic, latest sanitary trend, 'burning'

The Cindi Basic toilet ‘burns’ / heats the contents to 500-600 degrees Celsius, which turns all faeces to ashes and evaporates urine moisture. Absolutely clean and modern.

Do you have a practice – office – treatment – at home?

Do you want to offer your clients, because of corona, their ‘own’ hygienic toilet? The Cindi Basic toilet.



Cindi Basic toilet, the latest trendy development in sanitary ware;

this toilet uses no water, no chemicals, no drying … no, this dry toilet heats the contents, burns electrically, just like a toaster.

Everything evaporates or is neatly burned to ashes. Only dry matter remains. 1x in 1-2 months you can take out the as-drawer and do it in the garden or at the GFT. 100% safe and odorless! To be clear, there is NO fire or flame involved, it only makes it hot, it is absolutely safe to use just like an electric oven.

Our tip is; to also hang a dispenser in the toilet with ethanol, an alcoholic disinfectant. Visitors can use a toilet paper with the ethanol beforehand to disinfect the glasses and afterwards clean their hands hygienically before going outside. Possibly your visitors by means of inform a short note about how to act with regard to Corona.

The interior consists of special stainless steel metal parts, very heat resistant and easy to clean.

There are special paper bags (shaped like a coffee filter) that burn completely. Can be ordered per box of 500 pieces via the website Easy to install, including ventilation pipes and fittings included, only at

Attached YouTube video with demonstration of the Separett Cindi combustion toilet


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