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Here you can find information about what are drytoilets / compost toilets and how to use them.

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Ecosave can supply both drytoilets and compost toilets.

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Compost toilet / drytoilet

Toilet without a pipe

If you dont want to install a toilet where you need to install pipes, then the Ecosave drytoilets are ideal. Whether it is a construction site or a tiny house, we help you make a solution. Why don’t you ask for free advice. We can explain everything to you. We can also help you with the right advice for, for example, water treatment or solar panels.

Top quality

Ecosave drytoilets, one of the world’s leading in dry- and composttoilets. We can give you the best advice and help you with the purchase of our products. With us you get the explanation you need to make the right choice. So we are more than just sellers. We advise our customers and answer all your questions. Even after the purchase, we always provide our customers with practical advice and useful tips. 

What kind of toilets do we sell?

We sell bio toilets that can be installed without pipes. There are different solutions for biological toilets. They can be used almost anywhere and can be placed anywhere. They are available in incineration toilets, freezing toilets, compost toilets and toilets that use filters or the so-called IBA systems. We explain what the toilets can do and help you make the right choices.

Mobile toilets

Do you need a mobile toilet? We can of course also deliver this as well. Rescue 25 toilets are especially useful at camp-sites. You can even use them as an emergency solution. The toilets are foldable and can, for example, be taken on the back of the bicycle. Moreover, you get a sturdy carrying bag with it.

Clean water filter

IBA water purification tanks

Water purification installation tanks from Ecosave convert dirty water into clean water. This process is completely organic and 100% green. The bacteria are benign and ensure nature-friendly water filtering. These IBAs are available in all sizes. They are even made to measure. They are so strong and robust that they will last almost a lifetime. If you want to know more about the IBA of Ecosave, please do not hesitate to contact us

Water purification

We supply and install the water purifications for you. Everything from toilets water purification to solar panels. We also supply rainwater collection tanks in all sizes. We have filters in small and large! We at Ecosave are keeping an eye on the latest water purification techniques. As soon as something new comes on the market, we test it and try to market it for a reasonable price. In addition, we also test and develop water purifications ourselves. If you have a specific wish, let us know and we will do our very best for you. 

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Ecosave has been selling organic toilets such as dry and compost toilets for more than 25 years.

We also sell all accessories for the toilets. We have a lot in stock or we can get it quickly. 

We sell freeze toilets, toilets incineration, compost and drytoilets.

If you have any questions you can always contact us.

We have a solution for every situation. Especially if you cannot use water or cannot install pipes. Then is an Ecosave toilet a good and environmentally friendly solution.

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